In ancient times, anyone who wanted to start a business would have a hard time finding sources or role models. So they tried themselves, aka self-taught. And it is not uncommon for them to go bankrupt because of a lack of skills, but not a few have managed to get up and be successful until now. That is a slight comparison between the entrepreneurial past and the present. In the StudentPreneur article there are lots of example articles about the richest man who tried his best to start a business.

Well, nowadays information is very easy to get. But sometimes, this information is not used properly by these young entrepreneurs . Until now, almost every campus, college and even high school has an entrepreneur program.

But the truth is, a lot of these young entrepreneurs continue to run businesses with very little experience and knowledge. And finally they are overwhelmed and then close their business, they can’t even survive the first year.

Dare to take risks

Thinking outside the box and taking risks are the first tips that young entrepreneurs should have. Taking risks here is about making decisions and taking action. Most young entrepreneurs are still waiting to start a business, waiting for capital or waiting for many buyers first. What these entrepreneurs need is how to focus on their business. According to a survey in Europe, there is no right time other than to take risks in your 20s. That ‘s the first entrepreneur tip .

What these young entrepreneurs fear is, what if my business doesn’t work? What if I go bankrupt? What if I get scammed? Keep trying and get up again, you live young only once right?


Keep innovating

The key to doing business is how you can create something innovative. Innovative is the ability to create new ideas to become useful products or services. Of course, products or services that are useful to society. There is no right time other than at the age of 20 when making crazy ideas. Most successful entrepreneurs in the world have an idea at the age of 20 and they dare to apply it.

How can you have innovative thoughts? Pay attention to the environment around you, if there is something up. Come up with creative ideas and don’t hesitate to start. And never consider criticism to be a stumbling block. Current products are on the rise because they are willing to accept constructive criticism. Innovative is one of the most valuable entrepreneur tips .


Improve your networking skills

This is also the weakness of young entrepreneurs , they are ashamed to socialize. Moreover, if they are told to enter into a new environment, they will guess whether they will fit into that environment. In fact, networking is one of the keys to success in business. Every entrepreneur must have their own networking, starting from family, friends and from social media. And don’t hesitate to ask questions and introduce yourself. Trust me, collaboration from networking will go a long way in the business world.


Have targets and standards

In doing business, you must have targets and standards. These targets and standards must be related, first because when you have targets that are too high or unrealistic, it will certainly be useless. Then you also shouldn’t have targets that are too low, therefore you must have clear standards. When your target has been reached, continue to set new targets which are certainly in accordance with your abilities.


Don’t be shy about asking for help

Asking for help is the most sensible thing to do to solve a problem. But the problem is, many young entrepreneurs are embarrassed to ask questions or ask for help. Of course there are so many people who can help you and find out whether your environment wants to help you or not.


Not a quitter

The words above are standard words that are almost spoken to every entrepreneur. “Don’t give up easily” “keep trying” and so on. Of course, these words are easy to say and not easy to do. Everything has to do with your mentality, whether you are a person who gives up easily or not.


Continue to learn from mistakes

Too many doctrines say, that to be successful you must meet such things as failure. Failure, of course, has many definitions, failing to reach the target or going bankrupt are also considered failures. The words fail is created by you and you fail because of you. The most important thing about this failure is, how you deal with each of your failures. Are you silent and surrender. Or you get up and learn from those mistakes. It all depends on how you respond to your mistakes or failures.


Put all your energy

This is the eighth way, you have to put all your energy. Starting from time, capital to energy to your business. Maybe you can do business in your office at work, but it won’t be optimal. No matter how hard your efforts, when you don’t devote 100% to your business, it’s guaranteed that your business will not grow. Maybe you are already with some business people who have to quit their jobs to do business. It takes some sacrifices, but your sacrifices will be repaid when you find out that your business is successful later.