Your kebab burner has suddenly stopped burning brightly, or has even made a loud noise. Usually this is due to a leak in the installation. To find out where the center or location of the leak is follow the suggestions below:

  1. If there is a smell of LPG gas, immediately turn the regulator down until the smell disappears.
  2. Prepare a little water and add dish soap then mix well
  3. Open the burner rear door
  4. Return to the regulator and slowly increase the pressure until the rear engine hears a light hiss and stop the volume regulator
  5. Using soapy water, grease the surface of the faucet, pipe hose to the engine spuyer
  6. If there are air bubbles, it means the line is leaking
  7. If it is around the faucet, connector or pipe end, it means that it must be removed and added with white isolation (seal tape) and then plug it back in
  8. Double check whether there is really no leak
  9. If the bubbly part of the hose or spuyer feeds, our hub is HP. 081.3311.25566